Rock on 2 is Farhan Akthar’s latest movie and a continuation to the cult hit Rock on!! that was released back in 2008. The movie was a big hit among the youth and all other types of audience because of it’s ear soothing songs and honest script. The movie went on to become a cult classic for all the movie lovers and opened a new window for movies with musical backdrop in Bollywood. 8 years later, the lead star of the movie Farhan Akthar decides to make a sequel to the film with the same cast and includes Shraddha Kapoor as a female lead singer. Rock on 2 released worldwide on November 11th, 2016. See our Rock on 2 review – Full review on Rock on 2 movie(#Rockon2) below.

Rock on 2 Review:

The Rock on franchise, as expected made buzz in Bollywood with it’s sequel news but was received poorly by critics and audience when the first trailer and teasers made their way onto Youtube. Then the songs were released and this time, except one song or two, almost all the music numbers were made commercial and for a movie that chooses Rock music as it’s genre, the music was very blunt and was commercialized to stay on the safe side. To bring back the nostalgia, the marketing team made a brilliant decision of remaking the original Rock on!! song which backfired huge. Amidst all the negative feedback, Rock on 2 was released in limited theaters and will be a weekend watch for everyone as there are no other movies releasing this week except Ishq Junoon and Saansein, both which should be kept as far as possible from audience.

Rock on 2 story:

After the death of Rob Nancy, Magik continues it’s voyage as a rock band with replacements for pianist and the story of Rock on 2 takes place 8 years after Rock on!!. Aditya(Farhan) moves to Shillong to lead a peaceful life after some dreadful incidents happen with a fan and is trying to figure out a way to bring out his passion although his mind suggests him to stay away from music. Kedar(Purab Kohli) is not in a band anymore and is still waiting for Magik to go onstage. Joe(Arjun Ramphal) is appointed as a judge in music shows and leads a fake and unhappy career. When Sakshi(Prachi Desai) insists Aditya to come back home, he requests them to come to Shillong and all of them set out to meet Farhan who lost his battle with passion. After initial hesitance, Magik wants to get back live. In this process, Farhan Akthar meets Jiah(Shraddha Kapoor), a talented singer trying to battle her inferiority complex, strict parents and is afraid to sing on stage. The rest of the story deals with how Aditya and Jiah fight out their inner complexities and make Magik great again.

Highlights Plus points:

  • Cinematography
  • Production design
  • The ‘Old’ Magik group

Full highlights will be updated in few hours

Negatives Minus points:

  • Commercialized music

Full negatives will be updated in few hours

Rock on 2 Rating{expected} 3/5 stars

We expect Rock on 2 Rating to score a simple 3/5 stars.

This review is a preview and synopsis of the movie and Rock on 2 movie review rating will be updated after the official premier show of Rock on 2!!

Twitter buzz:

Dedicated Rock on!! fans are waiting for the movie as well as celebrities as the first Rock on!! was a huge hit and something special is being expected from this sequel.

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