Kaththi Sandai Review: Kaththi Sandai/Okkadochadu is a cliche thriller that has all the glitters. An unrealistic love track, hero’s mysterious identity, comedy without purpose, songs in between thriller drama. Kaththi Sandai has all these things clumped into a screenplay that would be rather tight and engaging without these above misplots.

Kaththi Sandai/Okkadochadu Review: Kaththi Sandai is directed by Suuraj who delivered other masala action thrillers like Alex Pandian and Padikkadavan. The simple plot woven into a 2 hour drama with all these commercial elements pushed into the movie is happening with a lot of movies these days and Kaththi Sandai falls into one such category. The film stars Vishal, the fighter and Tamanna, literally the glitter of the film. In a film so Cliche, Tamanna has a role that her Baahubali’s Avantika wouldn’t like too much. She is charming, flirty and always listens to the Hero.

Movie: Kaththi Sandai(2016)/ Okkadochadu(2016)

Language: Telugu, Tamil

Kaththi Sandai Review/Okkadochadu Review:

The film is produced by Madras Productions who seemed that they put a good amount of money on this movie. The movie looks so gorgeous, the cinematography by Richard M. Nathan is so clean and sharp with all the foreign locations captured beautifully. The action scenes were also filmed good but, as usually with some unrealistic fights far from relevance. Here’s our Kaththi Sandai review, Okkadochadu review.


The movie starts with the investigation on an unknown Truck, carrying millions of rupees. With the investigation coming to an dead end, we see Jagapati Babu leading the investigation. Vishal comes into the city, makes some new friends, flirts with the girl, duets with her and in the background, he does some mysterious fights that we’ll know later in the movie Why?. Is that Vishal’s truck that has been found or Jagapati Babu’s forms the rest of the story with some mediocre twists.


  • Songs in Tamil
  • Cinematography
  • Tamanna every time she appears on screen
  • Action scenes styling
  • Jagapati Babu


  • Slap Stick Comedy
  • Too unrealistic fight sequences
  • Love track
  • Screenplay
  • Cliche story

Kaththi Sandai Rating/Okkadochadu Rating- 2/5 stars

The only thing that may excite many audience on the screen is when Tamanna appears on the screen. The action sequences are far from realism and are not whistle material also. The songs in Tamil are a good rendition than Telugu. The Telugu version of the movie had some weird translation of dialogues that felt unreal. The Cliche story has nothing more to offer than some exciting moments. There are some high intense scenes when it deals with the thriller part. The slap stick comedy didn’t work and the writers must know that it’s better not to mix two Top Level movie genres together. Vishal was a bit over smart than himself. Jagapati Babu again plays the role of an angry cop, a role that fans are getting bored to see him in. Other supporting characters like Soori, Tarun Arora and Jayaprakash played their part well.

Kaththi Sandai vs Okkadochadu(Telugu vs Tamil differences):

The Tamil version had the better songs and dialogues where the Telugu lyrics and dialogues fell flat. The Commerical drama story has already been repeated in Telugu also many times, so Telugu audience would also be waiting for Tamanna to appear on screen. The story had loopholes that made it a weak script rather than the movie itself. The picturization of songs was set beautifully and again, Tamanna has all the glitter. We give Okkadochadu rating 2/5 stars.

Kaththi Sandai Rating gets 1 star for Cinematography, look of the movie and production values. The other star for Tamanna for lightening up the screen.

Kaththi Sandai Hit or Flop?

Kaththi Sandai is an average flick with some ruined above average moments. A weekend popcorn fun for commercial cinema lovers. For people who want more drama or emotion to it, We recommend Dangal.


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