Gunturodu review: Gunturodu is a Telugu action comedy film starring Manchu Manoj and Pragya Jaiswal in lead roles. Pragya Jaiswal along with Manchu Manoj has been trying to prove their mettle in Tollywood and ‘Gunturodu’ is definitely not a movie that’ll launch both their careers in the forward direction. Directed by S.K. Satya ‘Gunturodu’ is sadly another Telugu movie that falls into the weaker commercial films category that spend most of it’s time on things that aren’t relevant to the story. The music and BGM by DJ Vasanth aren’t much of an ear bliss. Gunturodu has a good supporting cast of Rajendra Prasad, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Rao Ramesh, Pruthvi and others. Read our Gunturodu Telugu Movie Review to find out the highlights and negatives of the film.

Film: Gunturodu (2017)

Language: Telugu

Release Date: 03-03-17

Directed by: S.K. Satya

Gunturodu Review:

Gunturodu is a potboiler comedy movie that takes itself too seriously. The problems in the movie are filled with cliche’ solutions from old movies and Pragya Jaiswal’s chemistry with Manchu Manoj didn’t really work out. Manchu Manoj dedicated a lot of his time and effort into the movie pushing all his hopes on this movie and that can be seen on screen. Manchu Manoj impressed all of us with his roles in Mr. Nookayya and Vedam and is looking for his comeback role but weak script and routine story made ‘Gunturodu’ another commercial movie like many other commercial movies coming these days in Tollywood. Read our Gunturodu Review below.

Gunturodu Story:

Manchu Manoj plays the role of a powerful youngster and responsible son who falls in love with Pragya Jaiswal. When the parents and relatives of heroine know about this, they hunt down Manchu Manoj to kill him but come to know that this is part of a bigger plan by Manchu Manoj. What’s his plan? Will he able to get the girl? These plot points form the rest of the story.

Gunturodu Rating:

The film starts off neatly with introduction of Manchu Manoj’s character and his life around his friends. The love track occupies the first half of the film revealing a twisted plot point with action scene. The fights are very clear and stylish but nothing we haven’t seen up to this point in Telugu. The songs and BGM elevate some moments in the film but falls dumb at most of the places. You can see our Gunturodu rating is only 2 stars because there were some serious issues in the movie. There is a constant problem with Manchu Manoj’s emotional acting throughout the film. The Cinematography is top notch and the movie is very beautiful to look at. There should be some new entertaining elements added to the story to make it more realistic which audience can relate to. With it’s huge actions scenes and out of the park violence, audience will have a constant problem of relating with those characters who may have not existed in real life. Supporting cast has done what they do in every movies. Slapstick comedy and a few good comedy scenes are covered in the first half of the film. All the characters suited in the role expect ‘Sampath Raj’ who still looks freshly transported out from ‘Mirchi’. His outfits and body language were also same which tells us that the writer didn’t even think about adding value to those characters.

Finally, ‘Gunturodu’ falls prey to the ‘Commercial movies make money’ formula that has been tried, tested and almost ruined at this point. There are some good commercial films and there are some bad commercial films. ‘Gunturodu’ tries to be a good one very hard but falls somewhere in middle. Our Gunturodu Movie Rating is 2/5 stars.

One star for Manchu Manoj’s dedication

Second star for Cinematography

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