Force 2 is a new Bollywood action thriller film directed by Abhinay Deo who previously directed Delhi Belly and the season 2 of 24(a Hindi TV drama). Force 2 has John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha in it’s lead roles and also has supporting cast from Genelia D’souza and Paras Arora. The Hindi action drama is a sequel to Force. The first installment was a hit for John Abraham’s career and launched him to action movies. Now, a sequel has been released adding Sonakshi Sinha in to the cast. See Force 2 review here.

See Force 2 full movie trailer before the review:

Force 2 review:

Starring: John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha, Genelia D’souza(cameo), Paras Arora, Tahir Raj Bhasin, Narendra Jha and other supporting characters

Director: Abhinay Deo

Producer: Viacom Motion pictures

Release date: November 18th, 2016

Language: Hindi, India

Run time: –


John Abraham as ACP Yashvardhan

Sonakshi Sinha as Kamaljit Kaur/kk

Tahir Raj Bhasin as Shiv

Genelia as Maya(cameo role)

Force 2 Movie review:

The first trailer for Force 2 has been released on September 19, 2016 and has over 15 million views. So, fans are expecting for this movie to do great at the box office and also story wise. The story follows the investigation of 3 people that are murdered led by John Abraham.

Force 2 movie story:

ACP Yashvardhan/Inspector Yash works for the RAW but a national traitor Tahir Raj Bhasin(shiv) cheats his own country and kills 3 people within the department. One of them is Yash’s friend. He leaves a clue before dying and when Yash gets this clue to RAW, it permits him for investigation with Kamaljit Kaur. What follows is a series of action sequences and investigative drama.

Force 2 rating 2/5 stars:

Force 2 is a movie that works because of it’s action scenes but over the top acting makes it look cheesy. Everyone talks in pauses that scream heroic dialogue but not a real conversation. Tackling the enemies was made to look cool but lost a sense of reality. The story is pretty much straight forward and doesn’t give us any space to think. The cinematography by Imre Juhasz and Mohana k is beautiful in both the normal and action sequences. The script is a little weak and acting by Sonakshi Sinha is over the top and her character isn’t written well. The movie collides with Tum bin 2, a romantic drama which will gather the attention of the youth but Force 2 presents you with a new type of action experience that will be good to look on the silver screen. Although Force 2 doesn’ t break the stereotype action elements to elevate the hero a little bit, it provides a fresher sense of action that will cater to action loving audience. Force 2 rating gets 2/5 for good action scenes but weak story.

Final tagline: John Abraham shines in action sequences but the story is a bit pretentious and predictable. Go for the action scenes and you won’t be disappointed.

Force 2 comes with a force but doesn’t have a good enough reason!!

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