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Befikre is the new film of Aditya Chopra, a very well known filmmaker known for making good romantic movies. Befikre stars Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor in lead roles. The movie’s hype doubled up with new songs ‘Ude Dil Befikre’ and ‘Nashe se chad gayi’ became crowd favorites. Befikre carries the stamp of Aditya Chopra, well known for making sensible movies. Let’s see how the Indian ‘Friends with benefits'(Befikre review) made our reviewers feel.

Story: Dharam(Ranveer Singh) is an Indian Delhi boy who comes to Paris for work and is an adventure type. He meets a French Indian Shyra Gill, a free spirited girl that believes in Happiness. Dharam and Shyra then embark on an adventure that is dominated by only physical attractions for each other but not on commitments. Later in life, they both end up knowing that no relation can be maintained without having to do commitments.

Befikre review

Befikre took around 50 days to shoot. The whole movie is shot in Paris, a valid reason to give us some insight into the free spirited culture of people about Romance in Paris. But it’s not the Hero, it’s the heroine here that is free spirited. If it’s shot in 50 days, that means this Yash Raj film doesn’t have big sets and grandeur weddings. So, everyone going into the movie, expect a drama between Two people and what they want in life. There is a sensible story weaved into the ‘Be carefree’ plot that all the trailers are suggesting. Everyone goes in expecting a popcorn drama with a lot of Kisses and will end up having a good Yash Raj film. The film is about a couple and the commitments you must have in order sustain a relationship.

The first half of the movie is purely entertainment led by the super energized Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor. They meet, they chat and then do a lot of things that are against the Indian Samskruti but are common in Paris. Befikre has also some good relation points to make and both the actors tried their best to keep you hooked onto the screens.

The songs and BGM are good. The cinematography is clean and sharp and doesn’t go artsy on the locations as needed. There are other cast members that include some hot French actress and actors. The whole movie is set in Paris.

Befikre is 2 hours of the Corsica sequence in ‘Tamasha’ running parallel with the free spirited minds and our actors doing Naughty things around the whole city“.


  • Music
  • Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor
  • Cinematography


  • Slow screenplay
  • Maybe unappealing to some audience and elders

Befikre Rating 3/5

There are many movies that get released in foreign countries that only focus on two leads in love going through life and learning the ups and downs of it. As the story doesn’t appeal to the Indian audience, the whole movie set in Paris wouldn’t be so satisfying movie for some audience. The movie is slow with some scenes, and will suit only the multiplex audience.

Befikre is a popcorn watch this weekend. Go with your girlfriends so that they can watch Ranveer Singh or go by yourself to watch Vaani Kapoor sizzle in this romantic drama. So, a 3 Stars Befikre rating for Fun quotient, Lead actors and music.

Sadly, Befikre is a story 90% of the Indian youth can only fantasize about

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