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This A.L. Vijay directed movie is a series of Comedy set pieces set in the backdrop of horror that revolves around Prabhudeva dealing with the ghost inside Tamanna(Devi) that is full of evil and is a wannabe superstar actress. Prabhudeva delivers good performance along with Tamanna and other lead actors.

Abhinetri and Devi(2016) Movie review and rating: Abhinetri/Devi are the same movie in different languages directed by Prabhudeva. In Tamil, the movie is titled ‘Devi’ where in Telugu, it is titled ‘Abhinetri’. The movie is being released as a tri-lingual movie and is also being released in Hindi. In Hindi, Abhinetri is titled ‘Tutak Tutak Tutiya’. As Prabhudeva has major market in the three industries, actor-choreographer-director Prabhudeva is trying to make his mark in movie industry again after his last film ‘Singh is bling’ failed to do good at the box office and also with the audience. Abhinetri is a horror drama starring Prabhudeva himself with Tamanna in lead role along with Sonu Sood as the supporting actor. The movie is directed by A.L. Vijay and the three versions(Tamil, Telugu, Hindi) of the movie hit the theaters on October 7, 2016.

Devi(L) Review:

Prabhu Deva(Tamizh/Krishna) is a happy go lucky guy who wants to get married to Jennifer(Amy Jackson), a modern trendy youth. Following a brief love story, their relation turns tables and Prabhu Deva now has to marry Devi(Tamanna), a rural woman whose sole purpose is to serve her husband and stay in home. The newly wed couple shifts to a new home after their marriage. Prabhu Deva keeps himself away from Devi, as she is uneducated and naive. Meanwhile, the house they shifted is a haunted house haunted by a ghost who came to the city in dreams of becoming an actress. As soon as she possess Devi, she inflicts her actress purpose on Devi thus making her more glamorous and close to Rajiv(Sonu Sood). This makes Prabhu Deva step into the game and makes some rules for Devi/Ruby to keep going in the movie business. But the evil ghost takes its toll on Devi making her much far away from Krishna.

The rest of the movie is a mixed bag of comedy set pieces between Prabhu Deva, haunted Devi, Rajiv and the movie they are working on.


  • Acting of Prabhu Deva and Tamanna
  • Tamanna’s glamour
  • Comedic chemistry between Tamanna and Prabhu Deva
  • Songs and dance


  • Logical failures in script
  • Comedy scenes dragged a bit
  • Screenplay

Devi Movie Rating: 3/5

On the score count of Rating based on Direction, Story, Acting and Entertainment quotient of the movie, Prabhu Deva’s Devi/Abhinetri/Tutak Tutak Tutiya Rating is 3/5

Devi(L){Tamil}/Abhinetri{Telugu}/Tutak Tutak Tutiya{Hindi} 2016 Film final review rating, audience review, twitter review, Live Updates:

Devi is a very hyped movie produced under the banner of Prabhu Deva studios and Kona Venkat Film Corporation. The trailer and songs released on youtube received good and positive response from the audience.  All fans of Prabhu Deva are expecting for his comeback movie after his recent flops and it is yet to be seen how the audience will give a thumbs up or thumbs down to the movie. Tamanna Bhatia suited aptly to the role of Devi and Ruby showing an improvisation in acting skills while potraying Devi and showing her glam side while playing Ruby. Sonu Sood suits the role of dumbo lover boy who woos Ruby. Recent attempts by Lawrence(South Indian Choreographer-director) met with success while dealing with Horror comedy and it’s Prabhu Deva’s turn now to deliver a hit in the same genre. Guest appearances by Farah Khan, Esha Deol and Amy Jackson are for comedic relief and don’t provide much support for the story. Overall, Devi/Tutak Tutak Tutiya/Abhinetri is a well made Horror comedy that lacks it’s final punch.

Movie Reviewed:

Devi(L)- Tamil/Abhinetri- Telugu/Tutak Tutak Tutiya- Hindi, Runtime- 02h18m, U Rating


Prabhu Deva, Tamanna Bhati, Sonu Sood, RJ Balaji, Satish, Farah Khan, Esha Deol and others

Directed by: A. L. Vijay

Rating: 3/5

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