Happy Women’s day 2017 Images Wallpapers Pictures with Quotes & Sayings: Happy International Women’s day to all our readers. There is an official Government holiday declared in the countries of Algeria, Afghanistan and other countries under United Nations., whereas in India and US, there is no holiday declared. Women’s day is mainly celebrated in the memory of the labour workers who lost their life in a fire accident in 1908. In the modern society, Women’s day has been moving towards the topics of Women Empowerment and Gender Equality. According to UN, International Women’s day is celebrated for the achievements and milestones achieved by Women across Nations and countries without any diversity. So, celebrate this Women’s day with your loved ones with these Beautiful Women’s day Images and share them with your friends.

The first Women’s day celebrations started in February of 1909. From then, UN has formed a committee and has declared a holiday to celebrate the strength and elegance of Women. Every year, UN focuses on a theme that will help in the development of Women rights all over the world. As International Women’s day is a worldwide phenomenon, celebrations and parades happen worldwide. Share these Inspirational Women’s day images with your Mother, Sister, and Colleagues to tell them you stand by them.

Happy Women’s day 2017 Images Wallpapers Pictures with Quotes & Sayings HD Free download:

Happy Women’s day Images and Wallpapers: Still today, a backlash is heard in some countries which denied the idea of dedicating a separate day for Women which will categorise them as some special beings such as Mother’s day, Father’s day and Valentine’s day. Women are basic human beings that evolved with Men and are not some special beings that need a special day to celebrate their existence. This policy can be seen in some countries where Women Empowerment is a serious issue and although some countries do not support International Women’s day, many countries celebrate Happy Women’s day by sending some awesome wishes to their loved ones and also some Special Women’s day images and wallpapers with Quotes and Sayings to promote this day and spread awareness about the serious problems women are facing in our modern society.

Happy Women’s day 2017 Images and Quotes, Sayings:

Happy Women’s day 2017 Images Quotes Sayings: Women’s day is a special day to our Mother, Sister, Wife and every Woman in the world and we should wish them for their support and friendship with these Women’s day images because an image wish is better than a SMS or Fb chat message. These Women’s day HD images will help you express your love and respect to the people you are sending these Women’s day images and quotes sayings to.

  • Happy Women’s Day!
    means more than flowers and gifts.
    It means saying thank you for everything.
    Happy Women’s Day!
  • You’ve faced adversity through resilience and you have
    resolved your problems by means of a smile and you’ve obscured your
    tribulations in your heart. All I ask is for you is to be happy today,
    Happy Women’s Day!
  • Empower woman, empower the human community.
    The base on which the world stands is a women
  • You’ve faced adversity through resilience and you have resolved
    your problems by means of a smile and you’ve obscured your tribulations in your heart.
    All I ask is for you is to be happy today,
    Happy Women’s Day!
  • I was raised to believe that excellence is the best deterrent to racism or sexism. And that’s how I operate my life.
  • No struggle can ever succeed without women participating side by side with men.
  • I think God made a woman strong and not to be trampled under the feet of men. I’ve always felt this way because my mother was an unyielding woman, without a husband
  • Woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman.
    But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.
  • With the creation of world,
    you were also added to increase its beauty.
    The world is mesmerized with the work you were done.
  • As I watch the shooting star flash across the sky.
    I thank it once again for having you in my life!
    I love you,sweetheart!
    Happy Women’s Day

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Happy Women’s day wallpapers HD: We have collected a best collection of Women’s day HD wallpapers that will be suitable for your Desktop, PC. You can also upload these Women’s day photos to your facebook timeline to set them as your facebook cover pic or just send to your loved ones simply.

Happy Women’s day 2017 Pictures free download

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  • When I was a child, I needed my mother,
    When I grew up, I needed my sister,
    When I understood the world, I needed a partner,
    When I grew old, I needed her to be my side,
    IT makes me feel, Life would have been nil,
    Had God not created this beautiful creature called woman
  • W-wonderful,
    Wishing you a day that’s just like you – really special!
  • If Roses were black and violets were brown,
    my love for you would never be found,
    but roses are red and violets are blue,
    all I want to say is Happy women’s day to you.
  • Holding your hands,
    feeling the warmth of our togetherness,
    sharing sweet secrets of love.
    Sweetheart, with you every moment seems like an everlasting dream.
    I love you! &
    Happy Women’s Day
  • A plant grows only when it is watered regularly with love,
    Similarly, a life becomes a life only when there is happiness,
    A woman is the water that makes our life blossom like a flower,
    Woman! Keep watering this plant of life!
    Happy women’s Day
  • A woman like you is precious and hard to find.
    Wishing you a day as beautiful as you are!

Send and share these Women’s day 2017 Images Wallpapers Pictures with Quotes and Sayings with your loved ones and tell them you love them. You can also send these Beautiful Happy Women’s day images to friends in your college or colleagues in office. But don’t forget to send these to your Mother, Sister and Wife mainly because they are the backbone to every family.


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