GST Rate App Founder: On Friday Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had launched a new App that is GST Rate App Founder where we can check all the GST Rates according to Goods. In this GST Rate App Founder we can check all the GST taxes like CGST(Central Goods Service Tax), SGST(State Goods Service Tax) and UTGST(Union Territory Goods Service Tax.

How To Download GST Rate App Founder:

Now at present GST Rate App Founder is available in only Android Stores after some days GST Rate App Founder will be available in IOS Store also.

  • Go to Android Play Store
  • Type GST Rate App Founder and download the app
  • Register GST Rate App Founder with your mobile number
  • Now you can check all goods rates
GST Rate App Founder launched by finance minister
GST Rate App Founder

How To Use GST Rate App Founder:

After downloading GST Rate App Founder from Android Play Store. Register GST Rate App Founder with your mobile number and now you can see GST Rates click on GST Rates. Now you can see all the goods Rates with GST.

From July 1st 2017 GST(Goods Service Tax) had been implemented in India and GST had become much problem by GST all the prices of Goods have been changed. Many of them don’t know the exact price for each goods. So, Finance Minister had released a new app GST Rate App Founder. In GST Rate App Founder we can check all the goods rates. Just we have to download the app and register with our Mobile numbers. We can check Goods Rates when we are also in Offline by using GST Rate App Founder. Just we have to download and register with our mobile number. It is easy to download and use GST Rate App Founder every one can use GST Rate App Founder very easily and it is easy to understand.

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